Covid 19

Changes at Danielle Frylinck Design

These truly are crazy times in our country and in the world. The spread of coronavirus Covid-19 has changed life as we know it and affected every single one of us. 
We are sending health and love to all and hope that you are safe and well during this difficult time. We would like to commend everyone that is doing their part to stay home, stay safe and protect themselves and each other.
We have made a few important changes here at Danielle Frylinck Design to play our part and help ensure that we protect our team, and you, in any way that we can.

Our flagship store

Our store will launch when it is safe for us all. For now you can view and shop our entire flagship range on our online, open 24/7.

Online deliveries

Online deliveries excluding masks will be dispatched as soon as the lockdown regulations are lifted or as soon as courier companies are able to transport non essential items again. 

Orders that are currently in stock are being packed by myself in my home. Orders that are not in stock, the garments will be made as soon as we can return to our studio and we can make your beautiful new pieces for you. 

Team DF

We are doing everything we can to look after our brilliant team and we are doing our best to support them in every way! 

Our tailors are home with groceries and the essentials and they hand work to keep the creative juices flowing.

Each tailor comes into our studio once a week to continue production of masks and scrubs that are being sold online as retail and sold wholesale to larger organisations.

We have very strict social distancing procedures in our studio. Only one member of our team is allowed in our studio at a time. At the opening and close of day we follow strict hygiene guidelines. Masks and gloves are worn at all time in our studio and out. We supply disposable gloves to all employees to dispose of once they have been in public, a new pair is then used. Hand sanitising and sterilising of studio happens every morning and afternoon by the staff member that was in studio that day.

For now we are in a position to keep paying our staff which we are incredible grateful for. Unfortunately there might come a time that we will need to review salary cuts, for now we are trying our best to pay our staff in order for them to care for themselves and their families. 

Our team has been so incredibly supportive and understanding in any ay they can be during this time and I am forever grateful to them for standing by all my decisions during this time. I, as the owner, have forfeited a salary for the time being to help our team stay afloat and pay rent.

Contactless Delivery

Our courier partners are offering a minimal contact or contact-free delivery service at this time. Please check any tracking instructions you receive after your order has been shipped for further information.

Returns & Refunds

Due to late deliveries we have extended our refund and exchange policies. Refund will still follow the 14 day policy and exchanges the 20 days policy. However the policies will only start from the day the order is dispatched. 

Masks and PPE

We have received our certificate for essential services and are producing masks, scrubs and various forms of PPE. Masks can be purchased on our online store at retail price. Masks and PPE in bulk for wholesale can be ordered, please contact for more information.


We are here for you

We are incredibly proud of our country and our president at this time. We are forever grateful to all our clients, followers and supporters for supporting our small business during this time. 

If you need to reach out to us you can get hold of me at and chat, share and connect at any time. 

“As we walk this road together, as we struggle to defeat this pandemic, we remain strong and united and resolved. Much is being asked of you, far more than should ever be asked.
“But we know that this is a matter of survival, and we dare not fail. We shall recover. We shall overcome. May God bless South Africa and protect her people,” said the president.
Last updated: 10 April 2020



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