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'See it Sewn'

Have you ever wondered how your clothes get made? What truly goes into creating a locally hand-crafted garment?
Visually meeting those who have skilfully made your clothes has become an incremental part of garment context. But we want our customers to see more than just a pretty face. We want them to be a part of the process and
‘See it Sewn’ .

'See it Sewn’ is an experiential activity where you can source, shop and see your beautiful Danielle Frylinck design shaped into existence - by the practiced hands and expert team. Right before your very eyes!

Are you a store a holic or a virtual vixen? Join us in store or virtually over zoom to plan your next creation.

We operate from our studio and flagship store in Johannesburg
69 11th street ; Parkhurst ; Johannesburg ; South Africa
And our hours are:
Monday - Friday 
08h00 - 16h00
09h00 - 15h00
We charge a small consultation fee for new designs. If using our own designs, fabrics are subject to change due to fabric costs and pattern changes. We'll get back to your order form and send you a detailed quote and then we can start playing and creating together!



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