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At Danielle Frylinck Design we believe knowledge is key and we're a little obsessed with learning. 

I studied fashion design for three years and learnt the basics and fundamentals needed to start a career in fashion. Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun, but arent the full recipe needed to start a business in the wild, wonderful and dare I say 'fun' industry of fashion. 

After completing my studies I spent 3 years working for a well renowned South African fashion designer, this is where I got to experience the ins and outs of what it takes to really not only survive but also thrive in the cut-throat industry of fashion. I spent another few months freelancing as a pattern maker, retails assistant and shadowing leaders in the creative industry, taking every opportunity I could to soak up all the information that would give me an edge when I decided to start my own business. 

After an emotional personal experience and spending 3 months backpacking with a tent on my back and hiking around the sea of Galilea, I was ready to dive into the non-stop hustle of building a business. Business is in my blood, I was raised by incredibly hard-working individuals that taught me from a young age to always reach for the moon because you'll land with the stars. I spent my childhood immersed in creativity and watching my parents build and build their business, little did I know, I was already shaping my future and planning my adulthood. 

I've built our brand from scratch from a tiny garden cottage behind my uncle's house that we used to call the cubbyhole, that's how small it was, to the point where we've showcased at Fashion Weeks, sold our clothing in various boutiques and built an online store that grew us to the point of launching our flagship store...and I'm not done yet ;)

I am incredibly passionate about our brand and my goal is to help other entrepreneurs make their creative dreams come true. Being a creative entrepreneur is a completely different ball game to anything you have ever experienced. I want to help you build a business but not lose your creative side that fuels you. 

Why do our courses when there are thousands of other courses out there?

Our business started primarily online and we've managed to go it to the point that we sell in boutiques, other online stores and have launched our very own brick and mortar store...and all of this started with an online store. Not only do I know how to teach you to build your store and turn it into a profitable gateway for your brand, but I also know what it's like to run a store and a creative business simultaneously. I have the tools to teach you how to make online work for you! 

I want to turn your passion into profit...and I know I can help you do that because I've done it myself. 

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