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Autumn/Winter Collection

Where comfort meets luxury.

Autumn 2021 focuses on soft, comfortable fabrics that look and feel luxurious. A range of satin, luxurious pieces and cosy tracksuits that smart enough to leave the house in. Perfect prints in soft fabrics juxtaposed with tailored structured coats. 

Dress up again, even if it's only for your desk or for yourself. A collection that focuses on details that excite, fabrics that awaken your senses and pieces that will make you feel good. 

A good piece of clothing can change your mood, your day and your life. With this collection, we hope to make a difference with captivating designs that can be worn with poise and pride. Locally hand-crafted pieces that are sewn with sustainable threads and ethical notions.

We hope you love this new collection just as much as we loved creating it. 



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