Black Friday

For the first time ever…Black Friday is happening online and in store.

But we’re doing it differently…

Introducing Pink Week. Black Friday thats different, ethical, conscious and classy. 

For most people, when you hear “Black Friday” you think of mobs of people almost breaking down the doors of a large department store to get an insane deal on flat screen TVs or laptops. Similarly, when many people hear “Cyber Monday” they think of sites like Takealot crashing due to the high volume of traffic and users trying to get in on the hot, online discounts. Which leaves us wondering, “Where does all that excess stock come from? What is the actual cost of a product sold on a 75% deal? And so many more questions”

As a small local business, Black Friday has always gone against every fibre of our being. It’s against everything we stand for…so what’s different this year? 

We’ve just had our 3rd birthday as a business and we’re heading into year four. We have hand a million ups and downs, learnt a lot and grown a lot. During these years we’ve built up stock. Be it Fashion Week pieces, sample pieces, one offs for shoots and so on. So this year we’ve decided to get all these gorgeous pieces out there! Time for these beauties to be unpacked and for them to land in your lives. 

We’ve added a whole lot of new pieces to the online store and will be offering 20% off the entire store this week…to give you time to browse and shop and plan your new wardrobe. Instead of squeezing it all into one day, we’ve turned Black Friday into Pink Week and it lasts a whole week! 

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