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Work from home outfit inspiration

Are you dressing up to work from home?
Many of us are heading home again and the first choice of clothing is a hoodie and anything with an elastic waist-band.
While worrying about what to wear and splurging on new pieces seems quite indulgent in a world thats in the midst of a pandemic, a little bit of self-indulgence to normalise things or offer a pick me up, isn’t a bad thing. When we’re out of our wits, living in uncertainty and feeling out of control then perhaps taking back your style is a start to feeling a little bit more in control.
Sometimes getting out of bed is a struggle and the fact that you changed out of your leggings and into jeans is a small victory that needs to be celebrated. After working at home for over a year, or working on rotation and only going into the office every second day, many of us have spent a lot of time working from home and it might not need to change in future. Many companies are opting out of their leases and employees will be working from home for good.
Some of us have become even more conscious of our appearance now that we can see ourselves on screen at any moment during meetings.
When spending your entire day in the same outfit, there isn’t a break between work and play and it's easy to land up working later and more or working less because there is no structure. Getting dressed up and ready for the day signals that the workday is about to begin and changing out of your work clothes at the end of the day gives you a feeling of switching off.
Some of our top picks are comfortable and cosy but still good and feel professional.
The printed blouse
With only your top half being on display in zoom and team meetings, a simple t-shirt won’t cut it anymore, even if you’ve dressed up with jewels and heels. A simple shirt can give off the impression that you didn’t put much effort into your appearance. The printed Aurora tops are comfortable and give off a look of elegance or playful with a fun print. The best part - they are machine washable, quick-dry and need minimal ironing. Pair with a pair of comfy jeans or leggings and you're good to go. 
Paisley Blouse  Leopard print sheer blouse  Leopard print navy top
Knit-wear and loungewear
Looks chic but feels comfortable. For the morning where just getting out of bed is a victory that deserves a celebration, a cosy knit is a go-to. The cowl neck sweater and top is soft and warm but the neck detail gives off a dressed-up look. The same goes for the Barry sweater with nip back detail that sneaks into the front, pair with earrings and your easy tracksuit gets a facelift.
Pink tracksuit sweater  Black tracksuit sweater  Floral Cowel neck top
Dresses and button-up shirts are usually slightly looser and more comfortable than fitted shirts and dressed. The Bowie prints are striking and the fabrics are soft and comfortable and easy to layer on the cooler days, paired with boots or comfy sneakers. Pair Pumarosa shirts with comfortable jeans, Amy pants or a pair of smarter track pants.
Bowie Dress  Abstract printed shirt Leopard button up dress
Cosy wrap dresses 
Warm knit wrap dresses are a go-to for working from home or when you're out and about. Warm and cosy in thick knit fabrics, you'll be warm and looking chic. The abstract wrap and marble print are interesting and eye-catching without taking too much attention away from the face. Need to dress up a plain coloured wrap dress? Throw on a twilly scarf or a pair of statement earrings. 
Printed warm wrap dress  abstract printed wrap dress  Rouged rib wrap dress 
Little plus ones to uplift your look
A pair of earrings or something as simple as a neck scarf goes a long way for online meetings. Keep your jewellery organiser close to your desk, whenever you hop on your next video call, put on some jewellery and you’ll instantly look put together. Twilly scarves are the perfect way to uplift your outfit, worn as a scarf, a headband or wrist tie. Hand-warmers for those constant typing fingers.
 Mohair fingerless gloves  Hooped studs  Leather Jewelry organiser    Silk neck scarf  

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