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Women's day for the female business owner

'You work in fashion, your job is basically a holiday'
Its Women's Day 2020 and while so much has changed, the gender gap is still in the air. This year we are taking an even deeper look into the Women's day celebrations as the Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted inequality even more.
Women supporting women
When the country is in lockdown, women are hit the hardest and crime is rising. Not only is gender based violence crippling us and making women feel hopeless, our jobs are in danger. Jobs that are not 'essential', as many women work in the beauty sector, waitressing, caretaking and so forth.

As a women owned business we are no strangers to this. A few years back I bumped into a man I knew from university days in the gym and we made casual small talk. The conversation didn't end casually though, thats for sure. When he asked about work, I told him things were a bit stressful, and his response was simply 'You work in fashion, your job is basically a holiday' . Needless to say, I kind of lost it. 

When so called 'female professions' are viewed as a holiday, a joke or a hobby. Thats the gender gap clear in day light. It's still in the air and the glass ceiling is still something women look through daily. 

If women return to their homes where they experience domestic abuse, their communities without access to healthcare, or their workplaces with unequal pay, then Women’s Day really has no meaning.

Every day that we get up, show up and defy society, we are voting for a world where women are equal and cannot be silenced. Let's keep fighting. Even if we are not directly effected by inequality every day, we need to stand together to fight for women who are. 
As a woman owned business, I have a passion for all local businesses, especially the ones that are run by powerful strong women that are defying societal norms. Building careers for themselves and supporting families day in and day out. 

Today is a day that “provides an important opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements while calling for greater equality.” On this day, we thought it would be a good time to share some tips for supporting women-owned businesses. Not just today, but throughout the year.

1. When you find a female owned business that you love, show your support and don’t keep your favourites to yourself. Word of mouth is powerful, when you find something good–let people know. Use your own platform to shed light on women who are inspiring you. This can take so many forms: from something simple like a #FollowFriday on social mediator referring them to a loyalty program. 

2. Let the business know you love them! Don’t forget the power of encouraging words. Simply encouraging and uplifting a business with kind words has the power to uplift and strengthen the women behind the business. Send a note, leave a review or just simply share. 

 3. If you are a female business owner. Mentor a fellow female or a group. Sharing your knowledge and expertise can encourage women to grow and to pursue their own dreams. 

4. Partner with women more. Find ways to partner with other businesses that are owned by women. There are several ways to make a difference here. You can team up and host your next event with a fellow women owned business, or host your event in their space. Collaboration and supporting each other is the only way forward.

"I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women." – Nora Ephron, screenwriter


Illustration: Monica Garwood

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