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Why Staying In Is The New Going Out

There’s a chill in the air and we’re ready to get cozy. While the Covid-19 lockdowns have forced us to spend more time and home, we must admit, we’re not hating it! Slowing down, focusing on mental and physical well-being has always been our style and we cant think of a better place too work on ourselves and lay back than at home. 
Staying home is the new going out
Here is why we love this growing lifestyle trend.
You can celebrate jomo.
Forget FOMO (Fear of missing out), we’re experiencing JOMO (the joy of missing out), and we still believe sometimes it’s essential to say no to plans and enjoy the time to yourself. Binge-watch your favourite series, have a pamper session or take a lot of naps! If you at home with the kids, snuggle up for a movie or bring out the dusty board games. 
You can save money
Staying in means spending a lot less cash and that means more money for the things you love.
You can hone in on your cooking skills.
During the week there is always so much going on! Work, errands, kids, pets and you name it. Whipping up a creative meal midweek is nearly impossible and we don’t blame you! Take the weekend to prepare that feast you’ve been craving. If you never have time to cook a leg of lamb or something elaborate, this weekend is the time. Try a new vegan recipe, make your own almond butter or try your hand at some basil pesto to mix things up.
You can control the playlist.
There aren’t many things that irritate me more than loud, horrendous music while I’m trying to enjoy a night out…I'm an old soul. This weekend you control the playlist, your house and your music.
Pets are allowed
Take some time to walk your dog, snuggle your cat or talk to your plants - yes plants are also children now. 
You can curate your own bar.
There is no way around it, your own alcohol selection at home is always going to be a lot cheaper than heading to a bar plus, the menu will have your favourite wine.

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