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Tips to make Valentines Day at home fun for everyone

Some of us love Valentines Day and some of us…not so much. This year is a little different though and it seems we’re set to celebrate another special occasion in the comfort of our own homes. 
Whether you’re a fan of Valentines Day or not, this year we could all use a little bit of extra love! 
Valentines doesn’t only need to be romantic! You can celebrate with Pal - we’re calling it Palentines day. You can celebrate with your family, whether in person or virtually. Then of course you can share with your other half and a really fun option…Celebrate your love for yourself! 
We’ve put together a list of fun Valentine Ideas that won’t break the budget that you can use to celebrate at home!
1. Healthy Breakfast in Bed 
Start the day off in a healthy way! Chocolates, wine and elaborate dinners are always on the cards so we’re mixing it up and starting the day with our ultimate favourite muesli recipe that I’ve tried and tested over and over again. Add some whimsy, charm and style to your morning cereal with our breakfast bowls and matching mugs for your morning cuppa coffee. 
2. Flowers and a craft all in one
You don’t always have to get red roses to celebrate love! This year we’re shaking things up by learning a new hobby and saving on flowers by making your own. Learn a new craft and spruce up your home at the same time with this easy tutorial on paper flowers. Display these beauties in one of our beautiful hand made vases and you’ve given Valentines day an instant creative facelift. 
3. Have a Virtual Gifting Party
Not into Valentines Day? Try Palentines Day! Throw a gifting party over zoom with your friends you can’t be with. Use the same rules as ‘Secret Santa’ and spoil your pals this Valentines Day. Shop our gift guide before 9 Feb and we’ll ship your gifts to your friends by Friday the 12th of February. You can add wrapping and a note too! 
4. Have a fun gin party
Our favourite gin bar in Linden sadly closed during the pandemic, but luckily you can now enjoy their gin cocktails in the comfort of your own home! Shop their curated gin boxes and have a fun time mixing your own cocktails at home. Shop Tonic
5. Take a course in chocolate making
Love receiving the gift of chocolate? Mix things up this year and take a course with Yuppiechef and Lindt Chocolate. Learn tips and tricks and become a chocolate connoisseur. Do the course with a loved one for fun or by yourself and enjoy all the treats!
6. Lounge and get comfy 
Slip into some loungewear and lounge. Create a pillow fort and cuddle up to watch your favourite shows. Our must watch list at the moment (if you haven’t already binge watched this). Bridgerton, The Queens Gambit and The Undoing. 
What will you be doing this Valentines?

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