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The perfect neckline to flatter your shape

Every body is beautiful, different and unique! The key to flattering and putting your best assets forward is knowing which styles suit your body best. We’re here to dive deep into plunging necklines and the rest to find the perfect fit just for you. 
The Crew Neck
The crew neck is your classic round neck and is mostly spotted on t shirts but can also have a classic flare in dresses. 
Who suits the crew neck?
  • Small to Medium Bust
  • Long slim neck
  • Broad shoulders
How to style the crew neck?
The crew neck has a lot of coverage so you can easily get away with a set of earrings for a simple everyday look or layered necklaces to make the classic crew neck in a plain colour a little more interesting. 
Our Aurora top is the perfect crew neck with a bit of detail with neck gathers. Opt for the Kari to for a spin on a classic t shirt with an open back detail. 
The Button Up
You can never go wrong with a classic shirt neckline, whether with a dress or a top. If you’re petite opt for shirt neckline pieces that are more tailored and if you are busty, choose looser fabrics that drape well avoid gaping across the chest. 
Who suits the button up
  • Most body types do
  • Small to Medium bust
  • Small to broad shoulders
  • Athletic, pear and curvy shapes
How to style a button up
Balance a masculine tailored button up with soft delicate earrings and shorter pendants. For soft satins and silks, balance the softness with statement earrings.
Try the Pumarosa top in prints for the button up, or a utility dress for a dress. 
The scoop neck
Scoop necks lengthen your neck and accentuates your collar bones, drawing the eye downward. A deeper, wider neckline suits almost any body type and can easily become your new go to, with or without sleeves. 
Who suits the scoop neck
  • Small to large bust
  • Athletic, pear, hourglass and petite shapes
  • Shorter neck or décolletage
How to style the scoop?
Softer, more delicate necklaces or drop earrings will lend themselves to the lengthening effect of the scoop neck. 
A more subtle scoop with the Kwi tee with sleeves is flattering on all body types, or opt for a deeper scoop with the Laurel dresses. 
The flattering V-neck?
Everybody can look great in a V-neck. The key to wearing this classic, versatile neckline is to choose the depth of the V that best fits your bust size. Smaller busts should choose a less dramatic plunge while larger busts should reach for a deeper V to elongate and balance their silhouette. If your neck is already quite long, you may want to add a cami underneath for a balancing effect.
V-necks are best for these body types:
  • Small to large bust
  • Petite, apple, athletic and curvy shapes
  • Small to wide shoulders
What should you wear it with?
The V-neck is such a versatile neckline, you can have fun with your accessories. Wear a necklace that mirrors the shape of the neckline, like a statement piece that reflects the look of the top.
Cami's and wrap dresses have a gorgeous V neckline that flatters almost any shape. 

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