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Made to Order...What does it even mean?

What does made to order even mean?
We aren’t your conventional ready to wear fashion brand, we do things a little differently with a made to order model. 
When popping into our store you will usually only see 1 or 2 sizes per style or colour way on our rails and these pieces are for sale of course, but they are also there for you to see the styles in person, try on and order from. One thing I have learnt from 8 years experience in the clothing industry is that no two bodies are alike and thats why we love the made to order model…one of the reasons at least. We have the freedom to play with fits and fabrics with you every step of the way. When shopping online we usually don’t have the pieces in stock but we do have the fabric to make them. 
Our made to order model allows us the flexibility in everything we do. We are able to offer alterations and customisations to our designs at a small cost or sometimes no extra cost at all. Whether it be a longer hemline or your favourite piece in a different colour, its easy for us to slot all these needs into our production line. Made to order ensures more exclusivity, as we only make pieces that are ordered or pieces for our store for stock purposes. Less waste, making it a more sustainable way of producing and we’re left with less stock. Which means when we have sales we're doing it for a promo or because we have odd sizes left. 
The down side however is that the margins of made to order are much lower than mass production. It takes much longer to produce as most of our garments are cut individually opposed to doing lays and cutting in bulk. The sewing time takes longer when making one garment opposed to making ten, there are delays from changing threads, ironing in between, fusing, changing the feet on the machine (straight stitching, binding stitching and son on all require a separate foot) and customisations.
So why do we do it? Because we feel there is a place for it. 
Since we opened our store in March 2020 it has become more apparent to me that custom is needed. When we have women trying on in store there is often something that is just not right, whether it be a sleeve or a hemline or a nip in the waist. We can’t get it right every time and we don’t need to…because every body is different and unique and rarely fits into the exact same garment. With made to order we are able to accommodate for all body types and able to find the perfect fit for your personal needs. Made to order gives us the chance to bring out smaller, more exclusive selections more often. Instead of mass producing each collection, only a maximum of 15 per style are made and sometimes as few as 4 pieces are made due to our selection of unique fabrics. Ensuring a more exclusive, unique collection every time. 
When an order comes in, whether it be online or in store we slot it into our production list and we try to group similar orders together. All patterns are made by me, Danielle, and all garments cut by either me or Andrews. After cutting, the pieces are bundled up with your name on and they head to our incredible tailor Andrews where he works his magic to create a handmade one of a kind piece. Lesego presses, checks all finishes and does quality control and dispatching. Though the entire process we have you in mind every step of the way. 
We hope you love your pieces just as much as we love making them for you. 
If you’d like any alterations or have questions regarding measurements you can reach out to me on and let’s chat!
Garments that are made to measurements or in different fabrics can unfortunately not be returned or exchanged. 

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