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Leopard print...a wardrobe staple for years to come

Don’t ditch your leopard print just yet…
How has leopard print survived the times? The one print that serves as a neutral and as a stand alone. Simply because mother nature is the best print designer and known for her timeless design.
Style icons such as Josephine Baker, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy have all donned the bold print and Christian Dior is credited as the first designer to out leopard print centre stage on the runway, rather than fur, in 1947.
Whether you love it or hate it, its a print that can’t be ignored and it’s here to stay. Thats why it is such a prominent feature in mainstream culture for fashion to accessories, homeware and beyond.
While popularity of leopard print might rise and fall, the print will never go out of style. There will always be place for the print in the design world as the pattern can change in colour, size, texture and can always have a new twist.
It all started in the 1920’s with Joan Crawford in a silky dress with leopard accents. The animal print trend became vogue with celebrities and style icons bringing the print to centre stage. After world war II, leopard print became mass produced and hasn’t left the fashion scene since. 
Joan Crawford leopard dress
1960’s, the elegant Elizabeth Taylor takes on the leopard print trend with a matching coat and hat. In the 1950s and 1960s, a fur leopard coat was the signature of wealth, luxury and sophistication. Thankfully modern standards don’t promote genuine fur and the for the print only continued and became the most fashionable print during the decade.
Elizabeth Taylor Furr Coat
The naught 1990s embraced leopard print in the most trashy and tasteful ways, we’ll focus more on the tasteful. Whether you liked her music, her outfits or her abs, at one stage we were all a little obsessed with Shania Twain. The queen of leopard bringing us fierce looks fierce songs and showing us all that its important to ‘feel like a woman’.
 90's leopard print fashion
2000s, from the runway to style icons, celebrities and ready to wear. In the 2000s leopard print became a print that was worn by all and became more accessible and more mainstream. Everyday dresses,  evening wear and work wear took to the leopard trend.
2000's leopard print fashion
Leopard print goes rainbow in the 2010’s and takes on a fresh new look. Leopard as a neutral with bold colours or paired with other shades of leopard.
 2010 leopard print in fashion
2021, all we need is to feel like royalty and that exactly what 2021 and 2022 will be bringing us. Joy, fantasy and excitement is what we’re all craving after 18 months of tracksuits.
2021 leopard print fashion
The leopard print coat; the most iconic pieces of luxury is making a come back. Bold leopard prints and neutrals are here to stay and to lift our spirits.
Head to toe leopard or use leopard as a neutral base for other prints and colours. Not only is leopard print a big one, all animal prints is here and we’re excited for the wild looks that are coming.
Our top leopard picks to invest in that will become wardrobe staples for years to come. 
 Danielle Frylinck Leopard Print


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