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Inside our Autumn 2021 Collection

The start of Autumn brings a new collection. Autumn is motivated by the concept of luxury meeting comfort. A warm colour palette, coupled with soft pink and playful prints bring a fresh feel and some excitement to the cold that's coming. This season we ‘let go’ and played again and it shows…a well thought out collection with details and trims that finish off each garment perfectly and sensual fabrics that excite your senses.  

The classic Bowie dress is back in a bold navy floral is finished off perfectly with a playful polka dot to give the florals a more modern feel. Wear the Bowie as a dress paired with boots or sneaker or over jeans a tee as a throw to uplift your comfy jeans look. If you’re feeling daring, the leopard Bowie is bold and sophisticated. The strong leopard prints get beautifully broken with plain rust trimming making the bold print appear slightly more subtle. The Bowie is our passion piece and quickly becoming an iconic one of the brand too. 

Get cosy in our track sets that are perfect for lounging, running errands easy to layer. All we want in the cold weather is to feel like a snuggle bug, without looking like a layered ball of puff. The Barry sweater available in pink, black and navy is guaranteed to be your new go-to sweater. Comfortable and soft, yet perfect for work and outings because of the tuck detail on the back…the sweater that will get you through all your zoom meetings with a detail that gives you a little edge. The hoodie and bottoms are a comfortable sporty pair that can be layered with our classic coat to uplift the casual look. 

Layering is also an essential part of dressing this season. Our Clara Cardigan works well with casual layering and if you're looking for a more glitz and glam look, the casual bomber gives you the feel of ‘dressing up’ while still being cosy. Wrap dresses take centre stage this season when dressing up, the most feminine dress that flatters all body shapes is back. The rouged wrap dress flatters in all the right places and is formally looking while still being soft and warm. Wrap dresses can be layered with a coat in the colder months and paired with stockings or worn with sneakers and bare legs for a sportier relaxed look. 
With Autumn we hope to excite you again! Dress up again, even if it's only for your desk or for yourself. A collection that focuses on details that excite, fabrics that awaken your senses and pieces that will make you feel good. 
A good piece of clothing can change your mood, your day and your life. With this collection, we hope to make a difference with captivating designs that can be worn with poise and pride. Locally hand-crafted pieces that are sewn with sustainable threads and ethical notions.

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