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Find your homes signature sent that suits your individual style

We sat down with self-taught candle maker Cecil from Cameron Collective to learn about his new range of handmade, hand poured candles. We never stop to think how these tiny luxury treasures are made. Find your signature scent and match it to your personal style. 
Hand-poured candle
How do you choose the scents for your candle range? 
I blend essential oils, botanical oils and fragrance oils. You make a small candle of each scent individually and then I choose which ones will suit each other. For blossoms and blooms I will sample a lavender, geranium and violets and all florals and start blending to get the perfect scent. 
Are there any scents that don’t make the cut? 
Yes, plenty. Fragrances all react differently, some of them don’t give off a smell when added to the wax or the scent doesn’t come through when the candles burn. 
How does the process work?
I buy the wax in bulk and it comes in small pellets that you melt, we use paraffin wax. You’ll add the oils and colouring to the wax, we don’t use any colourants though. Only the orange blossom has a colour to it and its purely because of the essential oil. The wax is then hand poured into the jars individually. Our wicks are cotton wicks and the wicks often differ according to the size and diameter of the jar. 
What is hand-poured and how is it different to mass produced candles? 
Hand-poured candles are literally poured by hand individually in each jar so there is more of a human element to it because of all the care that goes into the making of each candle. It needs to be done perfectly because it’s a liquid that solidifies so you don’t want to pour too little or too much and always keep it level. The solidifying process usually happens overnight. 
What is your personal favourite candle scent? 
Leather and Amber is my personal favourite. It’s got a smoky, masculine smell to it and its nice for a bigger area as the strong scent carries through. 
Whats the most popular candle scent in the range?
Orange blossom is always a hit but lemongrass is becoming increasingly popular too. 
We absolutely loved learning more about the inner makings of the incredible hand
-crafted treasure that the candle is. 
Find your signature scent that suits your home and your style. 

Playful Pinks

Playful pinks and floral tones for a light-hearted fashion feel. Floral scents in general elicit positive memories, recall feelings of happiness and are morning mood enhancers. Our top picks for a pink pick me up:

Maria Blouse in Dusty Rose in a feminine satin with billowing sleeve detail.

Velvet Pouch in luxurious velvet, perfect clutch for a night out or a make up bag that slots into your tote with ease.

Blossoms and Blooms hand poured candle to lift your spirits and bring a gentle floral scent into your home. 

Speckled polymer clay necklae with a granite feel for a instant pick me up for any outfit. 

Dark tones style

Step into the dark side with darker tones that ignite our dreams. Leather and amber gives off a smoky, tarry, burnt or even shades of tobacco smell. Perfect for a dreamy night of jazz. Our top picks to to take a walk on the dark side:

Ricci Boot in navy, the combat boot is perfect for styling due to her strong yet feminine nature. Pair with florals for a playful look or darker jeans for a casual look. 

Silk Twilly's are an instant accessory that takes minimal effort with big impact.

Leather and amber candle to set a warm, smoky mood.

Kari Robe for lounging in style in luxurious satin.  

Colour and prints

Our top picks for the colour riot with prints to match:

Ausi Slip on in leather and leopard detail to step into the wild side and put your right foot forward.

Jellyfish polymere clay earrings that are perfect for a fun day out and an instant pick me up to any mood.

Silk Twilly's are an instant accessory that takes minimal effort with big impact.

Citrus fields candle that has a delicious scent that boosts energy and alertness.

Take a walk on the wild side in the leopard aurora and the tulip wrap skirt

Join the green team:

Floral greens and leafy prints in the Pumarosa shirt and Oz dress.

Lemongrass essential oils are extracted from the lemongrass herb which is thought to give mental peace to a person and helps in reducing anxiety. Get calm with the Lemongrass and Lime candle.

Velvet circle bag in luxurious velvet in delicate ocean algae print with leather strap


Nude tones

Subtle neutrals that suit every occasion and every style. 

Orange blossom candle is the perfect addition to any space and has a soothing effect on mood.

Ricci Boot in toffee in a rich leather and neutral brown will suit any mood and any outfit. 

Accentuate your facial features with a smaller dangle earring in the mini triangle polymer clay earring or opt for a brass for a luxury feel in the gorgeous leafy dangle.

Cozy up in this seasons biggest hit, the Clara Cardi in milk or taupe. 

Go your signature scent and match it to your look and your lifestyle. 

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