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An open letter to the women who are 'Mother Figures' in our lives.

I love the fact that there is a day dedicated to the women who raised us. While it’s called ‘Mother’s Day’ it's really a tribute to all the mother figures in our lives and all the women who raise us and inspire us. Mothers, sisters, aunts and friends. 
My Mom is the most selfless, strong yet soft and most understanding person I know. My sisters are incredible role models as mothers and I have friends who are navigating their way as young mothers. Sometimes we’re raised by our bigger sisters, grandmothers or aunts and sometimes life throws us a curveball and we’re thrown into the role of ‘mom’. 
To all the ‘mom’s’ out there, we salute you today. The Mothers who have yet to become mothers due to sadness, miscarriages and loss. The Grandmothers who play the role of mom and granny all at once. To the older Sisters who were thrown into the role when they weren’t ready. The Aunts who love their nieces and nephews more than life itself. To the teachers and friends who adopt the role of ‘mom’ when needed. 
We celebrate you and we love you. Not only on ‘Mother’s day’ but every day!
You are enough. You are doing an incredible job. You are more than enough and we are lucky to have you. To the working mom who would love to stay home but can’t and the working mom who needs her career and that doesn’t make her any less of a mother. To the mothers that cannot be with their little ones due to circumstances, we see you and you are enough. 
Our top picks for Mother’s Day gifting this year. 
The gift of a scent. Hand poured candles are always special, especially when blended with essential oils and delicious smelling scents. The gift of a candle never gets old. There is nothing more relaxing than a candlelight bath, or as romantic as a candle light dinner or even a delicious scent filling the home. Shop a selection of hand poured local hands with scents that are sweet and neutral for every mother and every home. 
The gift of getting cosy. The mother figures in our lives deserve some time off…am I right? Always running around for us, being selfless and putting everyone else first. Sometimes the ladies in our lives need a good dose of the snuggles and a tracksuit is the best way to keep warm and snuggle. Shop the Barry sweaters for the perfect cozy jumper with a luxury detailed look. 
The gift of adventure with a new pair of boots. Mom’s are almost always on their feet all day, running around after the little ones or running errands. Perhaps the Mom in your life is in need of a new pair of boots to inspire her to step into a new adventure. The Ricci Boot is comfortable, easy to style and long lasting. 
The gift of jewels. Brass pieces to uplift her look or a little bit of colour in a polymer pop of colour earring. Jewellery always makes a woman feel special and its a special day for all the mother figures in our lives. 
The gift of travel organisation. Is there anything more annoying than a necklace that gets tangled or losing one of your favourite earrings. Give Mom one less thing to worry about, with a jewellery organiser to keep her jewels organised, clean and safe. 
The gift of a long lasting classic piece. Splurge on a classic coat. When I was young we wore jackets and my mom never owned something as luxurious as a coat, needless to say, she now owns a few ;) Perhaps the inspirational woman in your life needs a piece that makes her feel like a power woman or a coat that can become her go-to instead of a trusty jacket. The classic coat is fully lined, has pockets and is warm and versatile. 
Whatever you choose this 'Mothers Day', love, hugs and kisses is what we're sending to all the mothers this year. Shop for the Mom in your life or shop for yourself for some spoils. 

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