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5 Tips for keeping cool in a mask and a head start on a sustainable wardrobe.

The heat from a mask is like no other...
During the winter there were days where we thought masks were so great because they kept us warm, so while breathing hasn't been the same since March, at least we were warm.
Fast forward a few months and the heat from a mask is like no other! Sweating on your upper lip is bad enough and in Africa we all experience it, this year however, it has been magnified! We've created a list to help you beat the heat with your mask. 
1. Choose the right fabric.
While a surgical mask is the first thought we have when thinking of a face mask, its not the coolest option (no pun intended). Surgical masks are mostly made from polypropylene which is a non woven fabric that has no breathable properties. 
Bamboos, cottons and linens that have a tighter weave provide protection and are made from natural fibres that are more breathable and won't cause you to sweat as much. 
2. Skip the make up
Acne, Bacne and now there is maskne. When your skin struggles to breath and sweat can't evaporate your pores get clogged, causing skin irritation and a sweaty mess of creams, foundations, powders, lipsticks and you name it. 
Skip the make up and opt for a moisturiser and a lightweight BB Cream if you must wear a foundation and focus on good brows and gorgeous lashes for your make up fix. 
3. Stay Hydrated

When wearing a mask all the time, don't forget to hydrate! Keep a icy bottle of water nearby to help you stay cool. Just make sure to sanitise before removing your mask and to be a safe distance from others while drinking, take a refreshing gulp of water, and mask up again. 

4. Keep a spare mask near by.

When you wear a mask for long periods at a time, heat and sweat and germs in general are inevitable.Keep a spare one close by just in case to swap out with the old one. Store it in a zip lock back in your car or handbag to keep it clean and swap it out for the old mask. Make sure to store the old mask back into the bag not to contaminate it near it just to be safe. 

5. Stay home in the midst of the heat
Sometimes prevention is better than cure and you just need to avoid the heat all together. Run errands in the mornings and late afternoons and try not to go out too much during the warmer hours of the day unless you need to. 
Get a head start on your ethical and sustainable wardrobe with fabric masks. 
Shopping sustainable and ethical on a budget? One of the easiest ways would be to start with your mask. A necessity that is affordable and can make a small change. There has been a surge in ocean pollution since the start of the coronavirus pandemic that threatens marine life even more than before. 
“On a beach about 100 metres long, we found about 70,” said Gary Stokes of OceansAsia. One week later, another 30 masks had washed up. “And that’s on an uninhabited island in the middle of nowhere.” - The Guardian
Our chance to make a small different and keeping cool while we do it. 

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