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5 unexpected benefits of dressing up

Remember Casual Friday? Suddenly the world turned into ‘casual every day’ and dressing up seems like a thing of the past, despite the many benefits. Why dress up even if you have nowhere to go?
1. The Confidence Boost
There is no doubt that when you slip into something that makes you feel good, your whole mood changes and your confidence sky-rockets. When you put effort into an outfit, you feel more put-together, which naturally improves your posture and makes you feel more confident, and as if you could take on the world.
2. You’re more likely to get socialising when you’re dressed up
All White Party
After a year and a half in leggings, and on the couch; we want to socialise now more than ever and we’re longing for connection. When you’re dressed up, you’re much more likely to head out for after work drinks or dinner, than if you’ve been wearing your track set all day.
3. You’ll probably pack on those ‘Covid kg’s’ at a slower rate
Elastic pants are sent from heaven. Whether you’re growing in size, spiritually or mentally, your elastic pants are growing with you and show no judgment along the way. When you dress up and slip into dresses, jeans and never mind pencil skirts, you’ll maintain your weight a little easier by knowing how your clothes feel.
4. Dressing up is a form of self-care
Dress Up
Taking the time to put an outfit together, do your hair and your make-up is an act of investing in yourself.
5. Packaging is important
Tie a belt in a bow
How many times have your purchased something because you simply loved the packaging or you loved the look of the product? Think of your outfit as your personal packaging, while it is superficial, we all love pretty things and we’re most likely going to choose something that appeals to us. In the workforce and your personal life, looking good makes you stand out and look put-together, which will lead to more people investing in you.
The most important part about dressing up, is that you have fun with it and choose pieces that are uniquely you and make you feel confident. 

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