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Leopard print...a wardrobe staple for years to come

Don’t ditch your leopard print just yet… How has leopard print survived the times? The one print that serves as a neutral and as a stand alone. Simply because mother nature is the best print designer and known for her timeless design. Style icons such as Josephine Baker, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy have all donned the bold print and Christian Dior is credited as the first designer to out leopard print centre stage on the runway, rather than fur, in 1947. Whether you love it or hate it, its a print that can’t be ignored and it’s here to stay. Thats why it is such a prominent feature in mainstream culture for fashion to accessories, homeware and beyond. While...

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5 unexpected benefits of dressing up

Remember Casual Friday? Suddenly the world turned into ‘casual every day’ and dressing up seems like a thing of the past, despite the many benefits. Why dress up even if you have nowhere to go? One the blog we share 5 unexpected benefits of fishing out your best pieces in your wardrobe and getting dressed up. 

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Work from home outfit inspiration

Are you dressing up to work from home? What does your personal style look like when there is no one to impress, no one to dress up for and no where to go. Our top picks for pieces that are comfortable but professional.

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Inside our Autumn 2021 Collection

The start of Autumn brings a new collection. Autumn is motivated by the concept of luxury meeting comfort. A warm colour palette, coupled with soft pink and playful prints bring a fresh feel and some excitement to the cold that's coming. This season we ‘let go’ and played again and it shows…a well thought out collection with details and trims that finish off each garment perfectly and sensual fabrics that excite your senses.   The classic Bowie dress is back in a bold navy floral is finished off perfectly with a playful polka dot to give the florals a more modern feel. Wear the Bowie as a dress paired with boots or sneaker or over jeans a tee as a...

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Sam takes the Kiki Kimono out on the town...

Our new obsession is the Kimono! You can never go wrong with a Kimono. Layer one over jeans and t-shirt and ta-da! – you've got a fresh, personalised look. Want to dress it up? Add a statement heel, some jewels and a clutch. Would you rather dress it down? Try shorts with sneaker.. See, when it comes to the Kimono's, the outfitting possibilities are endless. Here are a few things some of our customers are saying about the Kimono: A Kimono can be worn in so many different ways! They're so easy and flattering! We love how effortless the silhouette looks on all body types. Now that we've got your attention, you're probably wondering – how do I wear a kimono? Here are five easy-pretty...

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The January 2021 and further... Survival Guide

January always seems like the longest month ever. If we want to make it through this and come out stronger on the other side then we have to learn some strategies to keep us breathing when all the outside information starts to become suffocating. Despite the way you might feel, the show must go on. Good news is that the show is yours too and you deserve to put on a great show. Here are a few tips to keep you centered and to help you through the tough times.

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Women's day for the female business owner

'You work in fashion, your job is basically a holiday' Its Women's Day 2020 and while so much has changed, the gender gap is still in the air. This year we are taking an even deeper look into the Women's day celebrations as the Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted inequality even more. When the country is in lockdown, women are hit the hardest and crime is rising. Not only is gender based violence crippling us and making women feel hopeless, our jobs are in danger. Jobs that are not 'essential', as many women work in the beauty sector, waitressing, caretaking and so forth.As a women owned business we are no strangers to this. A few years back I bumped into a...

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